Can the JobKeeper payment be used to fund an employer’s Superannuation Guarantee obligations?

May 4, 2020


Employer’s must meet their superannuation guarantee obligations over and above the requirement to pay eligible employees $1,500 per fortnight.  While salary sacrificed superannuation contributions can form part of the $1,500 employers must pay to eligible employees per fortnight to qualify for the JobKeeper payment, that is not the case for superannuation guarantee contributions.

So, if an employee is typically paid $1,000 per fortnight (before tax) in respect of which the employer is required to make superannuation guarantee contributions of $95, it would be insufficient for the employer to ‘top up’ the employee’s fortnightly pay by only $405.  An employer who did that would be taken for JobKeeper purposes to have paid only $1,405 to their employee for the fortnight and therefore not to have satisfied the wage payment condition.  

Rather, the employer needs to pay their employee an additional $500 over and above their ‘regular’ fortnightly salary of $1,000.  The employer will be ‘reimbursed’ by the JobKeeper payment to the tune of $1,500, leaving it to find $95 elsewhere to meet its superannuation guarantee obligations.